Automated support in action: Wallu assist user with purchase verification.

I was running a support server for my Minecraft plugin StrikePractice, a popular server plugin powering many communities. As the plugin gained traction, I found myself tired of repetitive questions and very similar support requests. Luckily, I had a lightbulb moment while working on my thesis, discovering the potential of language models. I started a journey to automate frequently asked questions (FAQs) on my Discord server. This article explores the birth of Wallu, an advanced support chatbot, and its impact on support within Discord communities.

The Need for Automation

Running a software support server came with its challenges that other communities can related. Despite maintaining an extensive #faq channel, users continued to ask similar questions repeatedly. Also, we frequently encountered support cases that we handled with just copy-paste responses. These challenges highlighted the need for an efficient and automated support system.

Enter Wallu - The Early Days

Inspired by my newfound knowledge of state-of-the-art language models and their potential applications, I set out to create an automated support solution for the StrikePractice plugin. The initial version of Wallu relied on scraping and filtering messages from the channels, enabling it to link users to previous conversations where support had been provided. The positive feedback gave motivation to explore further possibilities. Some owners and managers of other communities also expressed their interest and asked for a similar system for their own servers!

Evolving Wallu’s Capabilities

Wallu’s potential extended beyond just Minecraft or gaming related servers. Wallu was designed to work on various types of Discord communities and businesses using Discord. The bot was soon made available to the public on Discord bot lists and got its own website and an admin panel for managing its behaviour was created. In 2023 the insane popularity of OpenAI’s ChatGPT opened new doors for Wallu. The ChatGPT API allowed Wallu to provide more natural and personalized responses. With the capability to search and extract information from documents uploaded by staff members, Wallu had became a powerful tool for delivering relevant support even without adding FAQs.

Automating Support with Wallu

The impact of Wallu on the original plugin support server was truly transformative and continues to improve. By automating responses to frequently asked questions, Wallu is on its mission to mitigate the burden of repetitive support requests, saving valuable time and resources for more important things. Users received instant assistance, even during off-hours or high-volume periods. The seamless integration of Wallu into the support server helped on delivering a better user experience and most importantly, spending more time on further development of the plugin.

Last Word: Whether you’re managing a gaming community, a Discord server for your business, or any other type of community, I encourage you to explore the potential of Wallu to help improving your support system.

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